Studio Of Hope Art Classes for all ages

We are a creative service that is geared towards helping students achieve there artistic goals and dreams one step at a time.

Realistic & Colored Pencil & Painting classes

Prismacolor Pencil Classes

Prismacolor pencil classes are offered. You can learn to draw realistically with the prismacolor pencils  and learn  photo realistic techniques that  will help you achieve amazing results. Patience with yourself is required. 😊

Graphite Pencils Classes

Learn to work the graphite pencils to achieve amazing results.Learn to draw photorealistic black and white pictures. 

Students Acheive Amazing Realistic Effects

My art students have received many awards and achievements over the past years .There techniques can be used and transferred into so many other areas of art .The Studio Of Hope is a studio that is geared towards encouragement and discipline in the area of art .Where you can have fun and spend time on making friendships with fellow learning artists .

Small Group Settings and Affordable Rates

A private and creative atmosphere where students can have private sessions  or small groups sessions. Parents are welcome to sit and have coffee in the cafe area. Painting sessions will be available soon. Small party painting groups or personalized painting sessions will  be available for adults and children .Art Students who want a place to get assistance with there art projects. are welcome as well. All ages welcome from 7 years up. Family  friendly atmosphere.More services will be offered in the future. 

My Experience

Over the pass 20 years I've learned a art  curriculum that I have seen great results. I absolutely love teaching and my faith  has been my guide. I am a state certified Commercial Artist and I’m certified in Childcare & Development and Child & Classroom  management  and Classroom setting , Daily program 1 and  Orientation to programs for young children .I have attended  Malone & Kent State Work art study program .I have been  self taught in the colored pencils .This is a private art studio and I hope to use it for students who want to learn and grow in art skills. We also will be using the Studio Of Hope to bring awareness to some of the challenges in the community.


Bri Andreotti Painting Art Instructor

Painting Art Instructor

Bri enjoys painting and working with all ages from seven years old to Seniors citizens all are welcome ,She is a great instructor and has enjoyed teaching art .She can teach privately or in a group or parties by appointments only. 

3 Levels Of Pencil & Painting Instruction

Three levels of colored pencil instruction. Line - Value- Color for ages from 7 up. Studentslearn at there own pace.They learn graphing and line spacing and values and then move into color. The goal is eventually to do a ultra realistic picture in colored and graphite pencils in each level.

Our Mission & Purpose

Building  and encouraging young artists to be a light in our community to bring awareness to things that can make a difference through art shows and education  .We want to help build creative skills and abilities that will transfer to all aspects of life.We also want to reach out to the community to assist children  and teens as well as adults who might not otherwise have the resources .

About Us

Creative & Encouraging Atmosphere

  A Creative and fun atmosphere for children  & teens and adults . You can learn to draw or paint or just have studio time with personal or school projects. Learn to draw or paint at your own pace with a personal art instructor.

Romans 15:13 May the God of Hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in him ,so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prismacolor Pencils & Graphite Pencils

Classes are 1 hour long and can be scheduled once a week . There are 3 levels .Level 1  Lines and spacing. learning to use helpful  tools.Fun drawing exercises that can enhance your drawing skills. Level 2 Introduction to the Graphite pencils . Learn to use the pencils in ways to help you achieve photorealistic results .Complete a graphite photorealistic picture. Level3 Introduction to the Prismacolor  pencils. Learn different techniques and get tips on working  the colored pencils .The goal is to achieve ultra realistic effects.Textures and techniques. It’s possible for anyone who has the patience and the love for the pencils to achieve amazing results.These classes are very helpful in getting detailed results in your artwork.

Painting Parties and Special Events & Workshops

Painting for all ages from 7 years up Group events and small parties are welcome. Art shows and receptions rental is available for artists .Food can be catered in for special events .Studio Of Hope will be doing a fundraiser bake sale to raise money for art backpacks for students who might be interested and can not afford art supplies. This will be during the HOF Parade on August 4 th 2018 .Information will be posted or you can call the Studio Of Hope..

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